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    While there are many factors that go in to a successful SEO project, knowing what your competitors are doing to promote their products and services on the Internet is crucial to a successful SEO strategy. Using specialized research tools, we will analyze your top competitors to determine what level of SEO and Online Marketing strategies they are using so that we can properly recommend which strategies are going to be the most beneficial to your websites products and services.

    • Analyze competitor sites, landing pages and keywords which are driving traffic.
    • Analyze competitor search rankings for highly targeted keywords.
    • Determine which competitors are utilizing PPC campaigns as an additional marketing method.
    • Identify which SEO strategies competitors are utilizing so that we can surpass their efforts.
    • Analyze competitor landing pages and conversion pages.

    If knowledge is power, knowing and understanding what makes your competition into a competitor will give you the edge you need to make you their competitor and not the other way around.

    Many search engine marketing agencies understand the principles of SEO and PPC, but most do not bring the full range of services Discovery Communications Group offers as a full-service Internet marketing agency. Our approach is what sets us apart, and our commitment to constantly testing our strategy to maximize the results for our clients provides tremendous value to those with whom we work.