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    Print Design Services

    There are 3 major components to every print design project we undertake: Aesthetics, Cost and Strategy, with strategy always leading the parade. We need to know the purpose of the piece, the intended audience, the principal message you desire to convey and what action you want someone to take as a result of being exposed to the printed piece. In order to facilitate all of the above, we understand that accurate and thoroughly documented communication between our team and the customer is absolutely necessary.

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    Branding and Identity – More than Just a Pretty Logo

    Your brand is your story. It is the sum total of all the ideas, thoughts, emotions, impressions and experiences that exist in the hearts and minds of every individual that is exposed to your company or organization. Your logo is simply a representation of your story. It is an icon. It is a tool you use to get people thinking about your company in the way you have decided for them to think. Effective marketing then, is the ability to train your prospective customers to think about your company in the ways that you would prefer.

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    Collateral Materials – Maintaining Brand Consistency

    Collateral materials is a catch-all phrase used in the print design industry (which includes the art of graphic design) to represent anything that is designed and printed to represent or promote a company or organization in some way. The term “collateral material” is representative of a wide range of products from limited edition and expensively produced coffee table books, to direct mail pieces, catalogs, manuals, annual reports, brochures, invitations, banners, and pocket folders.

    Printing and Finishing – If We Can Design It, We Can Print It

    We make it a priority to remain current with all of the changes and updates in the printing business. We are a very unique agency in that we always design with production in mind. What good does it do to design a particular piece if the cost is double or triple just because it could only be run in a certain way in order to be produced. With our extensive knowledge of the printing and finishing processes, we are able to save our customers time and money on a regular basis.

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