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    When trying to build a positive brand reputation, many companies focus their efforts on outbound marketing. They want to tell the world about the positive aspects of their brand, but this form of branding won’t do you an ounce of good if your customer service is lacking. The bad always outweighs the good, and one negative experience after years of brand loyalty can be enough to make some customers turn their backs on your company forever.

    You may not be overly concerned with losing just one customer, but that customer may tell others about their negative experience, further damaging your reputation. The best way to avoid this downward spiral is to continuously tweak your practices to keep your customers satisfied. Here are a few tips for improving customer satisfaction.

    Conduct surveys

    Ask customers for their feedback in the form of a survey at the time of purchase. If you are an eCommerce business, give them the option to take an online survey about their experience. If the sale takes place at a physical location instead of online, their receipt should contain a link to an online survey. Reward your customers for their feedback by giving them an entry into a monthly drawing.

    Set up a customer hotline

    Setting up a special customer voicemail where your customers can leave messages with their feedback gives them a way to anonymously provide their opinions if they are uncomfortable giving their feedback in person. This can be a great way to get very specific information on how to improve customer satisfaction.

    Use social media for customer service

    Responding to customer questions on social media has become common practice in recent years. Prominent companies have begun setting up special Twitter accounts so that their customers can Tweet questions or complaints at the customer service account for faster response time. This can be a great way to streamline the customer service process and unclog your phone lines.

    Study all feedback

    Every communication from a customer presents an opportunity to enhance your products or services, thereby improving customer satisfaction. Complaints may give you an idea of what you should change or improve, but compliments provide encouragement and confirm what you’re doing right.

    Customer satisfaction is an important step in the marketing process and it is neglected all too often. In order to ensure that your brand reputation isn’t suffering, implement quality controls to improve and maintain customer satisfaction.

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