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    Printing and Finishing

    One of the most important aspects of corporate graphic design is the ability to combine highly creative imagery with innovative copywriting, and do so with the printing and finishing process firmly in mind. Very often overlooked by many graphic designers and strategic directors are the two main questions: How are we going to produce this piece, and how much will it cost?

    Our Expertise

    The Discovery Communications Group had its genesis in the printing business. Over the years, we have produced thousands of high quality printed products, from the most complex and intricate constructions to the simplest of single color documentation work. We have learned many valuable lessons about designing your important corporate collateral, but the most valuable of these is how to save you money on the production of the piece while we are engaged in the creative process.

    Understanding Your Printing Project

    Whenever we undertake designing a printed piece we always ask ourselves a series of crucial questions. Many of these questions pertain to the actual printing and finishing process. This means that even before the first concept is developed, we are looking at what pieces of equipment are best suited to producing your work, and we design with production efficiency firmly in mind.

    • What is the best paper (grade, weight, color, finish) to use for this project? Paper accounts for between 50% and 60% of the cost of a printed piece, and controlling this cost for you is very important.
    • How many are going to be produced? Shorter press runs are more cost effective on smaller presses, so if we can design it that way we will save you money.
How many colors are we going to need? The answer to this 
question will often narrow the choice of printing presses because equipment comes in a wide variety of sizes and cylinder capabilities. Of course, the more capability a piece of printing equipment has, the higher the cost. Therefore, designing for production is very important.
Is there any special finishing involved? Special finishing treatments extend the process management function and require an understanding of critical path management. All of these considerations must be addressed at the very beginning of the project, or cost overruns are inevitable.

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