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    Website Design Process

    Our website design process begins with getting to know you and understanding your website goals. From there, our team works towards achieving those goals using aesthetic design combined with a great user experience to deliver a website that exceeds your expectations. Continue reading to learn more about our website design process.

    Web Design

    Discovering What Makes You Great

    Before we begin designing a website for your company, we need to learn about you and your organization. We need to define what your goals are. What problems you want to solve and what areas you feel need improving. By doing this, we can build the foundation necessary in designing a powerful sales and marketing tool for your company. This is our website design process and how we work towards providing a great product.

    Every web design project includes a full team of specialists that are working together to ensure that your website not only looks and functions well but, achieves the goals and strategies you need. Our ideas, vision and ability to solve problems set us apart from our competitors.

    Your team will consist of:

    • Your Dedicated Sales Representative to ensure your satisfaction
    • Your Project Manager who will know everything about your project
    • Your Senior Website Designer who will craft the visual aspects of your website
    • Our Online Marketing Specialist who will make sure your goals are achieved

    When bringing this level of expertise together in a single room, creative ideas explode and the vision of your website begins to take form.

    Creating a Strategy to Achieve Goals

    Every successful endeavor begins with strategy. Just as your business has a strategy for success, so does ours and our strategy starts with our website design process. It’s something we continue to improve upon and find new ways to extend our expertise to our customers. By defining a clear path, we strive to achieve consistency, quality and exceptional results for everyone that works with us.

    We need to determine the features your website needs in order to achieve your goals. We will take into account your conversion goals, call to action messaging, who your ideal visitors are, what they are truly interested in finding on your website, and what differentiates you from your competitors. We will also discuss technology options such as Sliders, Galleries, Navigation Controls, and Contact Forms to help capture your visitors attention and provide them with an unparalleled user experience.

    Designing to Convert

    Using this knowledge, our team will create a website design that is specifically made to achieve your goals and vision. Considering you have 5 seconds to capture a visitors attention, this is an important stage in your websites new life and we will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with our designs.

    This is our pledge to you. 100% satisfaction. While we all have very strong personalities, we understand that this is your website and your business. We will give you our best work and advice and explain our reasoning. We are professionals and we know what works and why it works. But, ultimately, this is your website and it will be EXACTLY what you want it to be.

    Website Design Company

    User Experience = Customer Experience

    Measuring user experience is probably the most important factor to a successful web design. A positive user experience is essential to not only getting more conversions, but getting more traffic from organic and paid search. As website users are searching for your product or service, in their minds, the experience they have while interacting with your website is a direct reflection on the experience they will have when interacting with your company.

    To achieve a great user experience, we take into account what users are really searching for when browsing your website. A detailed review of your analytics will reveal everything we need to know about your visitors, from where they live, how they arrived at the site to how long they stayed, which pages they visited and which page they left from. Understanding what visitors are doing on your website and where you are losing them provides invaluable insight into your new web design.

    Responsive Web Design – Designed for Every Device

    By adapting your website to respond to different devices, we can eliminate the need for users to do pinch/pulls in order to force your website to fit their device. Instead, content can be placed right at the users fingertips in an easy to read and interactive format. We can even hide, reveal and reorganize content based on the device they are viewing. Considering that mobile search is quickly overtaking desktop search, optimizing your website for use on mobile devices will be a determining factor in getting more conversions, sales and leads from your website.

    Responsive Web Design

    Development is in the Details

    Prior to development, we will meet with you once again and go over the development phase of your website. We will discuss how the website will work and ensure that everyone is on the same page. As the saying goes, “measure twice, cut once.”

    Once we complete development, your website will go through a complete quality assurance check to ensure that everything is working according to the project scope. Once we are happy, we will send you a link for your review.

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    Once you have reviewed your new website, we will prepare it for launch. This includes creating an updated sitemap of your old website so that we can create the 301 Redirect profile. Once launched, our team will once again complete a full review to ensure that all pages and functions are working properly.

    Let’s Get Started

    Ready to start a project or want to know more about our website design process? Let’s start a conversation and get to know a little more about you. It only takes a minute and could be the foundation to a great relationship.

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