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    Copywriting – More than just Words

    The problem with most copywriters is that they think they are copywriters and forget that they are supposed to be communicators, and the written word is their medium of communication. We understand that it is our job to communicate the unique story of our clients and do so as though we are carrying this message to our best friends. No matter how many people see the direct mail piece we have created, perused a website or read a brochure we have written, everyone at DCG knows that we can only speak to one person at a time, and that person is you!

    Communicating with Your Audience

    Knowing who your audience is, what their education levels are, where they live and why they are engaging with your company is an important step in effective copywriting. By understanding who we are speaking to, we can begin the copywriting process a firm understanding of what we need to say and how we need to say it in order to convert the reader into a customer. That’s the intent isn’t it? We aren’t writing for the sake of writing. We are producing well thought out copy and content for the purpose of converting the reader into a customer. That is what effective copywriting is.

    Call to Action?

    Let’s be realistic. People don’t have the time to read endless pages of content on the benefits of your product or service. People don’t care how you created a new process that increases efficiency by 1 billion percent. Bold, effective and laser targeted call to actions are what convert readers into customers.

    But Wait, There’s More!

    Those famous words have sold more products than any other phrase you can think of. It creates an intense feeling that you are getting the deal of a lifetime and that you have to act now. Increasing revenue by converting readers into buyers is all about effective Call to Action messaging. What is the value proposition? What makes your product or service stand out? Why should I purchase your product over another?

    Let’s Get Started

    Ready to start a project or want to know more about our professional copywriting services? Let’s start a conversation and get to know a little more about you. It only takes a minute and could be the foundation to a great relationship.

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