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    Search Engine Marketing

    The world of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) (also known as PPC Marketing) changes so rapidly and consistently that being successful using these marketing methods is often seen as a “hit or miss” opportunity. And, considering there is a cost associated with every visitor received, a poorly managed campaign is more likely to miss and waste ad dollars than it is to be successful and become a profitable sales machine.

    Prior to starting any Search Engine Marketing campaign, our in-house account reps will sit down with you to determine your market, niche, competitors, landing pages, conversion points and ultimately, your marketing and ROI goals. When properly planned and executed, PPC marketing is an invaluable source of highly targeted customers that are ready to purchase your product or service.

    Tracking Your Campaigns

    The key to an SEM campaign is in the tracking. If you are not tracking the effectiveness of your search marketing campaign, it is more likely to fail or cost more than it should. We take Search Engine Marketing to the next level by implementing a strategy that is designed to create a successful campaign. How do we achieve this? It’s not as simple as it sounds but it is proven to work;

    • Create and Optimize a List of Relevant Keywords
    • Create and Optimize Landing Pages using Multivariate Split Testing
    • Create and Optimize SEM Campaigns
    • Create and Optimize Ad Copy Variations
    • Test, Track, Optimize – Test, Track, Optimize

    Optimizing Your ROI

    What this allows us to do is create a highly tuned Search Engine Marketing campaign which uses only the keywords that convert to the landing pages that are optimized to convert for each specific keyword. We had a client who was running a successful PPC campaign with about 100 keywords. The campaign was getting an average 1.5% CTR (click through rate) and his landing pages were converting, on average, 10% of his clicks into sales. What he didn’t know was that 30 of his keywords were actually unprofitable. We went further and optimized each remaining keywords landing page and increased his overall average conversion rate to 22%. How did we do this? By testing, tracking and optimizing his campaign.

    Let’s Get Started

    Many search engine marketing agencies understand the principles of SEO and PPC, but most do not bring the full range of services DCG offers as a full-service internet marketing agency. Our approach is what sets us apart, and our commitment to constantly testing our strategy to maximize the results for our clients provides tremendous value to those with whom we work.

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