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    George Wallace

    Sales and Marketing

    When I was a child, I had no idea I would end up in web design, web development and marketing. Way back then, televisions were still black and white, there were 3 channels in operation (the major networks), and they all stopped broadcasting at midnight. I did not see my first color television until I was 9 years old. I think that we can all agree that these are not the credentials one needs to succeed in the fast paced and rapidly changing field of web design and web development.

    I began my career in the Graphic Arts industry immediately upon graduation from UMass/Boston. I entered the sales force of a company that sold paper to the printing industry and remained there for many years until I saw the handwriting on the wall, believed paper would become a commodity, and understood that I could not really make a difference for my customers anymore.

    In 1994, I left the paper business and opened a printing company of my own. Somewhere around 2002, history repeated itself and I saw printing fast becoming a commodity where I could not make much of a direct difference to my customers, yet again! The Discovery Communications Group found its genesis in this awakening.

    I am the kind of person who needs to make a difference in everything I do. It is important to me that I leave this world a much better place than that which I found when I arrived. My greatest goal is to become the person I was originally intended to be, and I believe that I will reach this lofty level at the very same moment I take my last breath.

    It is this passion for creating that which never existed, showing customers a significant increase in the bottom line as a result of our fully integrated marketing efforts, and bringing a smile to people’s face along the way, that I bring to everything I do.

    I tend to think about things in multiple layers simultaneously and I have spent many years learning how to place myself squarely in the shoes of other people so that I can see situations and challenges from a number of angles. Consciously seeking to change my perspective allows me to be more compassionate, understanding, patient and creative. It has also given me a clear understanding of a very simple truth: Marketing is never about the product or service we are selling. It is always about what that product or service will do for the audience to which we are targeting our messages. Marketing is about Benefits.

    George Wallace