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    Stacey Streeter

    Senior Graphic Designer

    In 1999, after being coaxed by a coworker to fax my phone number to a Boston radio station, I had the privilege of winning tickets, airfare, and rental cars to the Super Bowl, the Grammy’s, and the Oscars. Its was one big prize and I won it. I never won anything before that, except for a 6-day trip to Mexico that I won 6 months prior, and I have not won anything since.

    My career started when I traded in my skis and Colorado ski-bum lifestyle for an opportunity to go back to school. I knew I wanted to design and I took it head-on. Instead of working with clients like Hanes, and Champion (big retailers in the t-shirt gift shops i worked at) I earned my degree in Graphic Design and began working with companies like HP, Sony, Motorola, and Lenovo and designing their marketing pieces. I have had experience working in one-man shop agencies and in 1500+ employee Fortune 1000 companies. I bring a wealth of experience in corporate branding, styling, and consistency as well as a love of breaking the box and trying new things. Through DCG I’ve expanded my skills to include web design and web marketing.

    As the Senior Graphic Designer at DCG, I help oversee junior designers, provide direction, and design as well. I work with customers directly and turn their vision into a reality. Despite my outgoing personality, I’m a listener when it comes to clients. I want to ensure I am giving the best solution for every project.

    When asked what my best design is, I reply with, “I have yet to create it.”

    stacey streeter